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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 10, 2015 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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redi re/* ridiculist never forgets. getting back to the 58-letter town in wales, it was just an ordinary day at work with a very long name. that's easy for you to say on the ridiculousist. well done, tally hoe. that does it for us. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. the stage set. car lee fiorina has qualified to join the leading candidates in a cnn primetime debate. flooding in japan. homes have been swept away. a look at how hundreds of thousands of people are coping in the after math of the raging floodwaters. an extraordinary discovery that could transform what we know about human evolution. very interesting story there. from cnn world headquarters here in atlanta, i'm george howell, this is cnn newsroom. good day to you. welcome to our viewers in the united states aernd the world. we begin this hour with the latest in the u.s. presidential race. there are some new poll numbers
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out showing how one democrat is closing the gap on his rival, but first we have a look at the lineup for cnn's republican debate next week. our chief correspondent john king breaks it all down. >> 11 republican candidates will share a stage for our primetime debate next wednesday. one more than in the earlier debate. carly fiorina is the new face. she was in the junior debate last time. at the center podium is donald trump, flanked by jeb bush, carson, walker, cruz. on this side, rubio, huckabee, paul. on this side fiorina, kasich, christie. why are these gentlemen and fiorina in this debate because of their staing in the polls. donald trump cracking 30% for the first time. dr. carson 19. jeb bush in third. he has to be worried about that number at 9%. we will have five other candidates in the earlier debate not in primetime.
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senators graham and santorum. perry and santorum ran last time but struggling this time around. the numbers speak for themselves. they will be in the nonprimetime debate. we will see if one of them can jump higher after that. look more closely at the trump phenomenon. you have to call it that as we go from summer to fall. 32%, the first time he cracked the number. if you are in business like donald trump is, you want to be a growth stock. dr. carson an upswing with. he has to be happy with that. jeb bush the front runner in june, his support half of that now. he has to be worried as he struggles. senator cruz making modest gains as courts more evangelicals. 71% of supporters say they support donald trump because of his position on the issues.
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watch republicans try to take issue in the debate. trump support is wider and deeper. 31% of republican men. one third of republican women. that tripled in a few months. 41% of tea party supporters and 38% of those neutral. his numbers are going up and getting wider and deerp. more more question, 32% of republicans back him. 41% believe he will be the nominee. even those that don't support him think he will be the winner. we asked the same question four years ago this week, rick perry won with 41%. didn't turn out that way for rick perry. we'll see when it comes to donald trump. >> promises to be an interesting debate. don't forget it will be wednesday, september 16th at 6:00 p.m. eastern in the united states, 11 p.m. in london only here on cnn. poll numbers show democratic candidate hillary clinton's lead is shrinking over her
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competitors. the new cnn/orc poll shows the former secretary of state with 37% support. down ten points since august. vermont senator bernie sanders follows with 27%. vice president joe biden, who has not said whether he will run, sits at 20%. iran nuclear agreement survived a showdown in the senate. the senators took up a procedural vote on thursday. the results essentially mean as far as the u.s. congress is concerned this is now a done deal. after the vote republican-led house of representatives passed a resolution accusing barack obama of braik breaking the law on the deal. house speaker boehner vows the fight is just beginning. >> this debate is far from over. frankly, it's just beginning. this is a bad deal with decades long consequences for the security of the american people and our allies.
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we will use every tool at our disposal to stop, slow, and delay this agreement from being fully i want implemented. lawmakers have a september 17th deadline before the deal automatically takes effect. now -- ♪ >> police beat migrants with batons as they waited to cross in to greece. hundreds of people spent the night outside in the rain. more than 1,000 arrived in austria on thursday. after walking across the border from hungary. the red cross gave them food and water before they boarded trains to vienna. most are fleeing from war-torn syria hoping for asylum in
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germany. while europe struggles to keep up with the flow, the united states plans to take in 10,000 more refugees in the next fiscal year. so far, it has admitted 1500 sere ian refugees since the start of the syrian war in 2011. most of them, though, have come this year. this news comes amid growing pressure for the united states to increase the number of refugees that it takes in. hungary appears to be ready to crackdown on refugees. that country has been building a 3 1/2 meter fence around the 11 1/2 -- and it is a half feet long border with syria to keep up with refugees to keep them out. the military has started to start exercises along the southern border. the u.n. warned hungary to expect 42,000 more refugees in the coming days. asylum seekers have been making way to greece and macedonia and travel to serbia and hungary
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hoping to make it to welcoming nations like sweden. senior international correspondent arwa damon has been following the migrants exhausting journey and here's what she saw at one camp on thursday. >> as if the journey across europe wasn't hard enough. now these people are having to deal with the weather. it's been raining all day. turning the ground in to mud and many of them don't have proper clothing for this. you can see that man there trying to seal his child from the rain as much as possible. these are people who have just arrived in hungary, having followed the train tracks from serbia, arriving at this holding area where there is still no permanent structure in place. just dplimcy makeshift tents. this is all volunteers. people see what is happening here. coming out and doing what it is that they can. we were speaking to the family a
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short while ago. they arrived soaked. the clothing the kids are wearing, those are jackets that were give on the them when they managed to arrive here. >> danish police say they will stop refugees from moving free throughout the country. most of the migrants don't want to stay there any way. we have this story from berlin. >> reporter: the river of refugees rolling across europe has reached denmark. hundreds marching up the artery connecting germany to sweden through denmark. shutting the motorway down for sometime on wednesday. the new danish government has specific views migrants they'd rather they not come. these are ads posted few days ago outlining the tough immigration law. one refugees began to arrive by
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train and boat, danish police began to pull them aside to be registered and possibly deported. >> translator: we are here with the police force and can deal with the police force even if it will take days. we have enough staff to handle this problem. >> reporter: as it turned out, few refugees wanted to make denmark their home. some refused to get off trains, demanding to be taken to sweden. others decided to walk. by wednesday night, danish police had taken the decision to allow refugees to travel freely to sweden and beyond. denmark's newly elected center right government has vowed to uphold the campaign promise to crackdown on migrants. but the government maintains it is doing its part. the prime minister says of the more than 3,000 refugees that come to denmark, more than 600 have sought asylum in the country. in germany, trains and ferries were stalled as police tried to
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clear the backlog of refugees there. here's how one syrian refugee explained his decision to keep moving. >> i'm from syria and i have come to germany now. [ inaudible ] i leave my family in turkey and if i stay here in germany, maybe there's so many people. >> reporter: until all 28 states of the eu agree to united plan in tackling the crisis, it seems refugees are taking matters in to their own hands, traveling by car, train and on foot to any corner of europe they believe will give them the best chance at a new life. cnn, berlin. you are watching cnn newsroom. drivers are on alert.
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more shootings after commuters are targeted on a busy arizona highway. we're getting new details from police. first, we take you live to northern japan where extreme flooding has forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. rescue operations are underway in northeastern japan after severe flooding there. torrential rains, land slides and flooding have killed at least three people. it's forced 400,000 people to evacuate their homes. at least 22 people still missing. let's go to cnn's will ripley live following the situation there. we see the water behind you. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, george, the good news is the water has receded considerably from the levels earlier. look and see the force. it pushed a lot of cars that were floating right down. you can see the fence beyond
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there. the fence is covered in plant vegetation, basically, coated in, because the water was with so full of the grass and what not. the level, we're told, was probably up to my neck or higher, stretching over this parking lot and stranding dozens of people overnight in the shopping center behind me. they had to actually sleep in the aisles. this morning, we watched at daybreak as japanese military helicopters came in and started to rescue people from the rooftop. a lot of them came from homes in this neighborhood, including this apartment building here where we're told the first floor, all of those units were flooded. people were up on the balconies, on the second floor. you may remember seeing buildings like this during the height of the flooding yesterday when we saw the dramatic water rescues. now we are able to see, as you can see, we are able to stand in the street, which is a promising sign. the hope, of course, there isn't anymore rain. you can see the sun is out and the water is receding. people are starting to return to their homes and assess the
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damage. george? >> we see that happening right there behind you, will. some people walking through that water that you are standing in. to get a better sense of it, though, is it just low-lying areas, will, or is it as we see there? is it really throughout the city? >> reporter: there are large portions of the city like this right now. there are other areas that are above ground. that's where we have evacuation centers like the one we reported from the this last hour where they were actually flying people by helicopter from neighborhoods like this. so while the flooding is widespread and there were tens of thousands of people who are still under evacuation orders right now. police officers here making sure they are safe and they don't put themselves in danger. there are also areas that are dry. good news here on the ground is that because we haven't seen any severe rain in the city, we haven't seen the flooding intensify. it is only going down.
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the concern farther up japan's eastern coast, however, is with rain in the forecast an evacuation advisory in effect for a half million people, there's fears about landslides, more flooding and we know that in this prefecture and others there are three people confirmed dead and 22 people missing here who have not been accounted for and so, of course, the hope is they are out there somewhere and they will be found and they will be sorted out. with 22 people missing this far beyond the flooding, as they search house to house there's concern with what they may find. >> house to house and street by street flooded there. my colleague natalie allen last hour said it reminded her with what we saw with new orleans. cnn's will ripley live thank you for your reporting there. this record-breaking rainfall in japan has breached a levee. let's turn to our meteorologist
10:19 pm
derek van dam. he's following the situation there. when the levee was breached -- >> one stage the levee had a breach of 20 meters long. then it grew to 80 meters long, covering 37 scare kwm kilometers with floodwater. coming out of that area we can't get enough of these visuals because it i helps to tell the story of the hardships of houses washed down, torrent of water and rescue scenes taking place, as well. getting to my graphics, you can see what a difference a day makes. tokyo and surrounding areas, there's breaks in the cloud cover allowing for the water to subside. this is the scene a mere 24 to 36 hours ago. 37 square kilometers of flooded areas. there are several ways that water can breach a levee.
10:20 pm
sometimes it can seep through that barrier, or it can overtop the levee. that was the particular case with this river across northeastern japan. that's animation showing that particular scenario. you can see the levee that was overtopped. it grew from 20 meters to 80 meters inundating buildings and allowing for this particular hotel to fall in to the raging waters below. we set several records. 24, 36 hour and 72-hour rainfall totals. you can see wednesday was the wettest day in history for that particular location a brief break in the weather. however, showers are returning late sunday in to monday. we will switch gears quickly. this is across the united states and the northern hemisphere. typically in to late august, early september, the dog days of summer. the weather patterns are starting to change and you felt it if you are along the east coast, as well.
10:21 pm
we have had record-breaking heat in new york city. 62 days in a row where we had 82 degree temperatures, that's fahrenheit. but yesterday we failed to break that 80 degree temperature mark. the record now stands at 62 consecutive days. i don't think we will be seeing that anytime soon again. >> thank you so much. now on to seoul, south korea. a court there sentenced kim jong 12 years behind bars for attacking the ambassador to that country in march. police say he was angry about joint military drills between the united states and south korea. it took 80 stitches to close the stab wound to mark lippert's lower jaw with. he was about to deliver a speech when kim attacked him. a nightmare playing out along a busy highway in phoenix, arizona. police are searching for the suspect or suspects behind a string of shootings along
10:22 pm
interstate 10. cnn's sara sidner has details. >> reporter: terror in phoenix. police investigating 11 shootings in 12 days along 10. the latest target a big rig. thursday morning two more shootings reported. but a source with knowledge in the investigation tells us those may be the work of a copycat. this after mounting evidence someone is targeting drivers on i-10. a bullet hole in a truck window. another piercing a car door, another shattering a headlight. police say at least eight vehicles have been hit by bullets, three by projectiles of some kind. >> when you say projectiles are retalking bullets or rocks? >> i don't know if it is a pellet, i don't know if it is a bb. we are not finding what is shattering the windows out. we don't find the item so i don't know what it is. >> so far one person has been hit, a 13-year-old girl cut when glass flew in her face after a bullet hit a windshield.
10:23 pm
police say the incidents happening at random times and random targets in an eight-mile span making some residents think twice with about taking hirks-10. >> what i heard and seen is people are taking different routes. >> they are going a different way. >> they are staying to the surface streets. >> reporter: the department of public safety calling the incidents acts of domestic terrorism. >> there are arizonaens who are frightened, scared. concerned about their safety and those of their loved ones. that's terrorism. >> reporter: while a tip flashes on a freeway sign, an army of police patrol from the skies and the ground. along interstate 10, the back allies, not just police looking for t shooter but a group of citizens are as well. they call themselves volt force. >> we are an armed volunteer crime fighting force. >> reporter: their founder jokingly describes them as guardian angels on steroids. some bounty hunters or former
10:24 pm
law enforcement. all armed to the teeth. are you a vigilante force? >> people have used that term in the past. i don't like that term because we don't go above the law. we're not out here slamming people to the ground. >> reporter: for five years the volunteer group had been patroling the crime-ridden neighborhoods. now shifting their focus to i-10 looking for places a shooter might hide and take aim. >> what happens if you find the shooter? what do you do? >> first thing we will do is we'll call our dps contact immediately. and i guarantee you there's going to be people around here so fast you couldn't even blink. >> like an army of people. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> reporter: sara sidner, cnn, phoenix, arizona. new york's police chief says he has apologized to former tennis star james blake over what police are calling an apparent case of mistaken identity. blake was tackled and handcuffed by plain clothes officers outside of his manhattan hotel on wednesday.
10:25 pm
bill bratton says the incident never should have happened and that race was not a factor. blake says no one should have been treated the way he was. >> they picked me up and body slammed me and put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. i told him, the first words out of my mouth, i'm going to 100% cooperate. i had my credential for the u.s. open in the back pocket. i said please, check. that you can tell i'm a former player, i did well at the u.s. open. i'd like to clear my name and just -- i told him that and he wasn't happy. i said, okay. i said the worst you will find is a speed ing ticket if you are run mig license. >> police went to the hotel to arrest people who were buying high-end shoes with fraudulent credit cards. the father of venus and serena willems says he believes race was a factor in the incident with blake.
10:26 pm
>> i feel they were not surprised. with so many things happening to people of my kind and color, it's not surprising. not at all. >> how much do you think this country has really changed since you were a kid? >> i think it hasn't changed that much at all? i don't think it changed that much. >> richard williams daughter serena will have to wait for a second chance to secure the grand slam. the women's finals in new york were postponed until later today due to rain. williams will face a player from italy. you are watching cnn newsroom. the debate line up is set. what to expect. and a few weeks after a gunman
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and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. very good to have you with us. i'm george howell. the headlines this hour -- more than 1,000 migrants have arrived to austria after walking across the border to hungary. the red cross gave them food and water before they boarded trains for vienna. most are fleeing the war in syria, hoping for asylum in
10:31 pm
germany. in japan, the water is receding after raging floods forced the evacuation of 400,000 people. fast-rising waters spawn bade tropical storm that swept away homes and many other structures. at least three people are dead from the floods and more than 20 are still unaccounted for. major victory on thursday for u.s. senate democrats blocking a republican-backed measure to derail the iran nuclear deal. opponents fell two votes shy of the number needed to advance a resolution to a final vote that. means barring a legal challenge, congress cannot kill it. jailed venezuelan leader lopez has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. lopez is accused of inciting violence during protests that shook the country last year. the 44-year-old has been in prison since february of 2014. now more on our top story this hour. the u.s. presidential race republican front runner donald trump continues to rise in the
10:32 pm
polls, but not very popular with a number of his party rivals. listen. >> i think that mr. trump, as the front runner, needs to be treated like all candidates and needs to share what his experience s are to be president of the united states, what his ideas are. so far, at least, he has not been serious about that. i think he believes he can insult his way to the presidency. >> his solution to destroying isil, listen to this, we're going to go to iraq and syria and get their oil to pay for our wounded warriors. that's not going to destroy isil. that will turn everybody in the middle east against us and help isil. when you say things like that you don't know what the middle east is about and no idea what you are saying. i think he is unqualified to be commander of chief and i know i am. >> donald trump is not a serious candidate. he's a narcissist. he's an ego maniac. the only thing he believes in is himself. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of
10:33 pm
policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn. you can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing that donald trump believes in is himself. >> republican debate here on cnn will be next wednesday night. now we know who will take the stage on it. here's a look at the 11 candidates who will participate in this primetime event. donald trump, ben carson and jeb bush are in the mix. five candidate s who didn't make the cut will participate in a debate earlier in the night which will be round one. earlier, i spoke to our senior political reporter and gave his thoughts about the debate and the controversial republican front runner. listen. >> this is going to be fascinating, george. jeb bush was the person who was expected to be the front runner in this race. the establishment can day. he's got all of the money but what we have seen in this interesting political season is these two with outsider
10:34 pm
candidates, donald trump, the billionaire real estate mogul and ben carson, who's a noted neurosurgeon, neither of whom are professional politicians, have turned everything on their head, on its head and they are leading the polls. donald trump is leading with 32%, i think it was in the latest cnn poll. ben carson is second place in the national polls right now. this is really interesting. if you add ben carson and donald trump together, you are getting over 50% of outsider nonprofessional candidates leading the race. jeb bush, who was as i said supposed to be the front runner and really going to have to try to make noise in this debate, try to get in the middle of donald trump and ben carson and try to revive his campaign at this point. >> that's round two. the primetime debate. before that, there will be round one with five men on stage. tell us more about that. >> that's right. this republican field is so huge, it's 17 candidates in all. they have to split it in to two
10:35 pm
debates just to get everybody on stage. the first, the primetime debate, the one that really matters, is the top ten candidates who have averaged in the top ten over the last two months. plus carly fiorina who was in the second tier debate last time around but because she has done so well this time around she has been boost ed to the primetime deba debate. then you have the second debate which has five candidates including lindsey graham from south carolina and the former governor of texas rick perry. these are people that have not managed to get in to the top tier defwat that so they have their own debate and one will try to get such a god mans they are promoted to the primetime debate next time around. >> when it comes to the primetime debate and donald trump, his most recent comments about carly rhee reena, who was mentioned is in the primetime debate had lot of people talking. again, he is trending upward with republican women voters. >> that's right.
10:36 pm
i think what you are seeing is the fact that trump has touched a nerve in the heart land. you are having a certain segment of the republican electorate that responds to whatever he says because they are so angry about washington. it's not really they are listening to every single announcement he makes, every single individual policy. what they are doing is responding to his broader message. he's tapped in to this vehement distrust of washington and professional politicians. so i don't think -- and i have been in some of these events that donald trump has done. i don't think republican women are hearing what he says about carly fiorina and thinking this is sexist, i'm not going to vote for this man. they are responding to his wider message. where it could be a problem is if donald trump were to win the nomination he'd need to do well among women voters to win the presidency. that is where you could see a problem. today we have seen hillary clinton come out and criticize donald trump for what she says
10:37 pm
is a massage nisic comments about women and she is thinking of an election strategy to use against him. >> one interesting side note from john king who points out that this time, last political cycle it was rick perry who republican voters had in the lead. right now it is donald trump. steven colinson, thank you for your insight. >> thank you, george. we are learning new details about a pentagon investigation in to whether top u.s. military officials deliberately manipulated spell jens reports about isis. the startling allegations even suggest reports were altered to support a public narrative that the u.s. is winning the war against that terror group. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has this story. >> reporter: allegations that military intelligence about isis was altered to make senior officials possibly even president obama since the war was going better than it was are
10:38 pm
now being investigated by the pentagon's watch dog, the inspector general. >> the investigation will play itself out. we'll figure out who did something wrong and be better as a result of a very open investigation. >> reporter: the investigation first reported by the "new york times" has already led to action by defense secretary ash carter. >> the secretary has directed the under secretary of intelligence to consult with his leadership, with the combatant commands to reinforce that message, unvarnished, trarns parent intelligence. >> intelligence analysts claim their reports were manipulated by military bosses according to the news site daily beast. >> there are vary casuatioiatio the data says so off clash among analysts of what it really means. at some point someone has to say this is the best judgment and present that to our decision
10:39 pm
makers. >> reporter: two defense officials say commanders can put their own interpretations in a report, but cannot change the underlying analysis. so far, it's not clear how widespread the allegation s may be and when the potential problem happened. there's no suggestion yet this is a repeat of the run up to the 2003 invasion of iraq when faulty intelligence about iraq's weapons of mass destruction formed the u.s. justification for war. >> we are giving you facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. >> reporter: the current war against isis remains a mixed picture. the pentagon says isis can no longer operate freely in up to 30% of the areas of iraq it once controlled. but it notes its influence in syria remains unchanged. and general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs
10:40 pm
warned the fight against isis is stalemated. though he adds its long-term prospects are getting, quote, dimmer. >> that was cnn pentagon correspondent barb where starr reporting there. washington, d.c. gun control advocates gathered on capitol hill on thursday. they came together vowing to do whatever it takes to fix what they call america's broken gun laws. the father of a virginia news reporter, who was shot and killed on live television, led the protests and demanded that something be done to stop gun violence in the united states. >> we must continue to mount pressure on our elected officials here in washington and at home in your home state. the overwhelming majority of americans agree with common sense reforms. but too many members of congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby and that has got to change. we also have to be aware the
10:41 pm
so-called common wisdom and senator cane put it eloquently when he said, we can't take on the gun lobby. that's just wrong. we can. we must. and we will. >> you'll remember that andy parker's daughter ail alison and her photojournalist allen ward were killed last month in the shooting that happened on live television. you are watching cnn newsroom. still to come this hour, how a discovery in a narrow cave could transform how we view evolution. that's ahead. the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power. the is performance line just got a power boost. introducing the lexus is 200 turbo and is 300 awd v6.
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. the palestinian flag will soon fly at u.n. headquarters and offices after the assembly overwhelmingly approved the motion.
10:45 pm
the vote passed 119-8. israel and the u.s. were among the no votes. israeli embassy slammed the move. >> the real question we face is not whether palestinians will raise the flag but whether the united nations will raise a white flag and surrender the principles of this institution itself. make no mistake, the goal of this resolution is a photo op. the palestinians want to bring together world dignitaries and the media to gather around and watch as mac mud abbas raises the flag. they plan to use the prestige of the u.n. as a backdrop for this this charade. >> u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has 20 days to implement it. experts say they have found
10:46 pm
remains of a distant human relative. a fascinating discovery that could change our understanding of human evolution itself. as david mckency reports it could be our ancestor. >> on the left is the entrance to where we went down the chambers. descending in to the rising stockade the professor puts a startling new discovery in to perspective. >> this is like opening up -- >> they say they have uncovered a new species of the human family tree. they call it -- >> we thought we had it figured out. we thought we knew how human origins worked. >> reporter: he says what they found deep underground will shape our understanding of human evolution. >> there are miles of tunnels underground here and sometimes the tightest of fits. they had to recruit what they called underground astronauts to get in and make the discoveries.
10:47 pm
>> he was looking for skinny scientists. >> reporter: like many others, lindsey hunter answered berger's facebook ad. the dangerous job mostly filled with scientists who were able to crawl through the narrow passages. what they found was extraordinary. >> that's it. >> 1500 fossilized bones. coming up with the controversial conclusion that this is a burial ground. and that homo naledi could have used fire to light the way. >> we just encountered another species and took great risk and effort to dispose of its deed in a deep, remote chamber right behind us. it questions what makes us human. it absolutely questions what makes us human and i don't think we know anymore.
10:48 pm
it is extraordinarily human. >> it is in part superficially short fingers long thumb. >> reporter: homo naledi is not human but at sometimes comes close. a brain no bipger than an orange but feet almost identical to ours. >> every one of these tells a story. >> every one of them is a mystery to science. >> reporter: and leaves many unanswered questions. they haven't been able to date the fossils yet so homo naledi. >> what else is out there. this was right under our nose. >> perhaps the key to unlocking the story of human kind. david mckenzie, rising star cave, south africa. >> fascinating story. to think of those tunnels they went in to, really kind of gives
10:49 pm
you claustrophobic feeling there. after months of scrutiny following deflategate allegations the patriots took to the field for the first game of the u.s. pro football season. this patriots had the hometown advantage against the steelers. the rain-soaked crowd went wild when tom brady came on the field. the judge lifted his suspension allowing him to play. he didn't disappoint fans throwing four touchdown passes. 28-21 you are watching cnn newsroom. ahead, musicians and politicians. the frontman for the band r.e.m. unloads on donald trump. why he called the billionaire's campaign a moronic charade. straight ahead.
10:50 pm
bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
10:51 pm
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that's how i know it's working. ah. you know you can go on and check it out there. it's completely free. really? yeah. oh, that didn't hurt at all. yeah, completely painless. credit karma. really free credit monitoring. here in the this u.s. it seems to campaign stop is complete without a theme song. the tea party rally against the iran nuclear deal, the one that featured donald trump and ted cruz, you could also hear music blaring from the speakers that was r.e.m.'s "the end of the world as we know it." for that rock band, that felt
10:54 pm
like the end of the world with. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: it ain't the end of the world, but you would think it was after donald trump helped resurrect a 28-year-old song. ♪ the end of the world of as we know ♪ it's the end of the world good morning, everybody. >> reporter: this is what the band r.e.m. is losing sleep over. >> donald trump. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ >> reporter: it played only ten seconds. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine ♪ >> reporter: oh, no, they don't. r.e.m. bassist called trump the orange clown. the front man went nuclear. go bleep yourselves, the lot of you, you sad, attention grabbing power hundredary little man. do not use our music or my voice
10:55 pm
for your moronic char rad of a campaign. they asked the candidates cease and desist. it's unlikely trump himself was picking the music. after all the anti-iran rally was organized by tea party pate i don't thinks. memo to all republicans, wrote one commenter, unless you are using a song by toby keith, kid rock, ted nugent, assume the artist will stage a public hissy fit about you using it. >> if i was a musician and all of a sudden donald trump who is red-hot right now is playing "it's the end of the world" i would think it is good for sales. >> reporter: legal experts tell us it is a greay area of law. the freedom of speech rights against copy rights. and maybe r.e.m.'s song but it
10:56 pm
is not music to their ears when they hear it over donald's face. jeanne moos, cnn new york. ♪ >> this is the end of this hour as we know it. we thank you for watching. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. my colleague natalie allen is next. you are watching cnn, the world's news leader. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite. for these parents, driving around was the only way... get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked, we can't drive this car they wanted it fixed right... they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technololgy means a strong... ...reliable bond, every time. at safelite we stand behind our work... night, night little buddy. ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪
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11:00 pm
. people in japan are in recovery mode after this is raging flood water sent hundredses of thousands running literally from their homes. also, a sign of hope among the grim pictures of migrants. the moment this family was reunited. is. also, candidates from the u.s. republican party, cnn announces which of them will take the main stage for its debate. and that debate takes place one week from now and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen, this is krp, newsroom.
11:01 pm
and we want it begin this hour in japan where water is receding after raging floods forced more than 400,000 people to run from their homes. the pictures, this video, has been astonishing. fast-rising water spawned by tropical storm swept away houses and other structures. helicopters plucked some people from rooftops where they had been stranded for many hours. look at them. my goodness. at least three people are dead. 22 are missing. some areas got as much as 60 centimeters or two feet of rain since monday. cnn's will ripley has been covering this story for us. he jins me now live from north of the capital, tokyo. will, when i first saw this
11:02 pm
footage, i thought was file footage if to the tsunami a few years ago. i couldn't believe this was actually happening to japan again. >>. [ inaudible ] >> at one point we are told the water was up to the grown area -- [ inaudible ] on the rooftop, waiting for -- [ inaudible ] >> all right, will, stand by there. we are having trouble with your audio. we will try to reestablish with will. but we're gooding it a story he filed a short time ago. here he is. >> reporter: a wall of water in eastern japan, leaving many stranded on rooftops, balconies, anywhere above water. japan activating the military, bringing in helicopters, rescue teams, pulling p em it safety, searching flooded buildings for anyone trapped inside. japan prone to all kind of
11:03 pm
natural disasters but the rapidly rising river took many by surprise thursday. this is the first time this has happened, says one long time resident, tens of thousands got evacuation orders. many had just minutes. carrying what belongs they could, unsure of what to do next. i haven't seen anything like this in decades, says this woman. she is one of thousands spending the night at evacuation centers. 100 of them providing food, water and medicine. japanese prime minister abe warning the region can see more unprecedented heavy rain, meaning potentially more flooding at the already water log had fukushima nuclear plant. heavy rains overwhelming drainage systems causing radio active water it leak into the ocean for several hours. tepco said the situation is contained. outside radiation levels, normal
11:04 pm
for now. the full scale of this disaster unknown. also unknown, how many people may still be waiting for rescue, surrounded by floodwaters, hoping their house won't be the next one dragged away. will ripley, cnn, tokyo. >> okay, back live now with will. we've got better audio from him. that story is just unreal, will. new what were you saying? please continue. >> reporter: well, i just wanted to show you that those people, many of whom were stranded, now are not able or now are able to actually get back to their homes. i'm going it stay put so that you can, i think if i move around my audio cable gets messed up. but to show those two guys behind with you, at one point had to spend the night at emergency shelter. but now they can safely walk done the street and get a look at all of the damage. there is considerable damage. you see the sheer power of the
11:05 pm
water, natalie. it pushed the fence, flipped over the cars that were floating through the neighborhoods and just landed as the water has now receded. so there's going to be a whole lot of damage. and the sun is out. is that good news. the fear is that if there is more rain fall in these already water-log had areas, this flooding could start back up again. >> right. and unfortunately, that is the forecast in the next 48 hours. but i'm curious, in your story, many people didn't realize that these flood with theers were headed their way. didn't have much time. how much time did they have? a lot of people did get out. >> true. [ inaudible ] >> sorry about that. i shouldn't have push mid luck and asked a question. will ripley there, live, standing in water just north of
11:06 pm
tokyo. we will of course stay on top of this story for you. and we do turn to the migrant crisis now. the united states will take an additional 10,000 syrian refugees over the coming year. hundreds of thousands are streaming into europe, fleeing the war in syria. many of them, and many poverty in north africa. riot police in macedonia beat migrants as you see here with batons as they try to enter the country from greece. jordan's queen spoke with cnn's becky anderson about the situation. >> these people are not coming to your country by choice. and i actually, i hear that this crisis is being referred to as a migrant crisis.
11:07 pm
they're not migrants. migrants is someone who chooses to go to another country because they are looking for a better job, education or to reunite thr family. they can choose to go back to their country and know they have the protection of their government. where as refugees are little rattra literally running for their lives. >> traveling through macedonia and serbia and hungary, often times on foot. trying to reach germany and spe sweden which have more favorable migrant rules. refugees landing on the greek island of lepos, senior correspondent ivan watson is on a boat nearby and he joins me now on the phone with more about the situation there that he's been seeing. ivan, hello.
11:08 pm
>> hi, i'm here on the greek island of lesbos. moments ago we witnessed at least four boats, inflatable rafts, loaded with scores of migrants and refugees landing in about a half hour of time on the coast of lesbos. and as the high grants and refugees spilled off the boat into the water and on to the beaches, they were cheering, embracing each other, waving thumbs up. one man kissed me on the cheeks moments after he got on to dry land. that is a scene repeating itself hour after hour, day after day, on this greek island as the stream of humanity coming, smuggling themselves across the sea from turkey have affectively turned this greek island of lesbos into an unofficial back door into europe. natalie? >> yes. it's more like a staging ground. we're looking at a photo right
11:09 pm
new that i'm told that you just took a few moments ago and it seems like everyone getting off this boat, they have life jackets. and that has been an issue with what we've seen from the people that get in these very unsafe dinghys, to make this crossing, that some of them don't have life jackets. but the situation, basically, is ivan, no matter the steps that people are trying to take to stop so many from coming and endangering their lives, they're still coming from where you are. >> absolutely. and yes, everybody has those orange life jackets. call them the unofficial uniform of the migrants trying to get it europe. carrying inner tubes also in case there's an accident at sea. and it is remarkable how organized many of these migrants and refugees are. they are carrying waterproof pouchs that are holding their
11:10 pm
smart phones, their identity cards. they've told me they have the phone numbers programmed in their phones of the greek coast guard should their boats get into trouble while making hour-long journey across the sea from turkey. and they even post distress gps signals on facebook to alert the greek authorities. so these are very coordinated, very organized migrants who are coming here to greece everyday. >> well, they need something going for them because we're looking at this video right now of these people that just came ashore and that is one crowded boat. so we're glad they made it safely and we hope that the trip onward will be a safe one as well. that man certainly is relieved. ivan watson talking with us. thanks so much, ivan. >> in italy, most migrants are coming there from african countries ravaged by war or some by poverty.
11:11 pm
of course they too hoping to find a better life. not everyone has welcomed these migrant but some people are devoting their time to make the transition easier. senior international correspondent ben wedeman has that for us from italy. >>. >> reporter: the jokes come easy when father luca is around. humor, perhaps, the best medicine for the uncertainty gripping those who have washed up on italy's shores. father luca helped run the temporary home for nigerians and others after they applied for asylum. >> if you will come back, you risk to be killed or your parent be killed and so on. >> reporter: briefing them on how to navigate the italian
11:12 pm
bureaucracy. at a time when some countries like europe and germany are opening their doors wide to migrants and refugees, countries like italy are starting to close those doors. recently more than 30 mayors from towns and cities in this province went to rome to demand that number of refugees being sent here be reduced. so for this year, more than 120,000 migrants and refugees arrived in italy sparking demand from some, more on the wealthy north than in the poorer south for a crack down. the welcome says 22-year-old victor from nigeria, is wearing thin. >> maybe you would like it play football with them, but no, no, no, no. we dent want black here. >> he fled nigeria after boca what ran killed his brother. this woman asked we not show her face or mention her name.
11:13 pm
she said she fled after boca horan killed her daughter. they hope for a better life here but sometimes feel like strangers in a very strange land. also from nigeria, requesting we not show her face. a rising tied of intolerance towards new-comers in this prosperous town. we have people who pray to jesus in church, to god, then outside church they say, let's kill them, send them home, sink their boats. hardly a welcoming attitude for those desperately in need of the kindness of strangers. ben wedeman, cnn, northern italy.
11:14 pm
>> a heart warming scene amid the sadness and chaos there. a father reunited with his child. a video sent in by garrett mcmanus capturing the moment when a family was reunited. two family members arrived first in munich then waited hopeful that their relatives who make it as well. not sure what country they came from or why they were separated but the family headed it a refugee camp now together. >> cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon has been covering this story, often traveling with the migrants. check out her account on our website, at she has been walking along with them and has really been with them for days on end.
11:15 pm
that's on our website. u.s. president barack obama calls it a victory for diplomacy. u.s. senators narrowly voted done a measure that would have set up a yes or no vote for the iran nuclear agreement. now there is no clans for senators who oppose it to kill it. we learn more from michelle kozinski. >> after all this time, debit and emotion the white house gets the vote they've been waiting for. getting enough support among democrats in the senate just enough support, in fact, for them to filibuster and block the vote of disapproval that republicans have been pushing so hard for. this means now that the deal can begin to be implemented. almost immediate lit president put out a statement calling it a victory for diplomacy. for national security. and for the safety and security in the world. not everybody in congress was willing to give up so quickly.
11:16 pm
there was talk of possibly a revote on this next week in the hopes of getting a few democrats it change their minds. and republicans in the house passed a resolution shortly afterward saying they believe the president violated the law by not providing enough information about what they call secret side deals between iran and the international atomic energy agency. that could potentially down the road be used as a basis for a legal challenge to the iran deal. what does the white house say about that and the fact, remember, that even though they get their deal implemented, majority of the u.s. congress is still opposed to it. the white house calls these attempts a gambit and said that republicans in congress nearly set themselves up to be a spoiler it a deal that the world supports. michelle kozinski, cnn, the white house. >> we'll see if that deal comes up at the next republican debate brought to you by cnn. ahead here, we'll tell you who will take the stage and break
11:17 pm
down some new poll numbers leading up to this debate one week from tonight. that's next. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good. iflike i love shrimp, red lobster's endless shrimp... kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi?
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here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
11:19 pm
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11:21 pm
newsroom." we want to bring you the latest on the u.s. presidential rates now. poll numbers show democratic candidate hillary clinton's lead is shrinking over her competitors. the new cnn orc poll shows the former secretary of state with 37% support. that is down 10% since august. vermont senator bernie sanders follows with 27% and vice president joe biden who is not said whether he will run sits at 20%. the cnn republican debate will be next wednesday night and we now know who will take the stage. since so many republicans are running to be the party's nominee, 17 in total. there will be two debates. 11 candidates will participate in the prime time debate. that includes front-runner donald trump, car lien fiorina, senators marco rubio, ted cruz,
11:22 pm
and scott walker. for more on the debate, here is our chief u.s. correspondent john king. >> there will be 11 republicans on the stage for our prime time debate wednesday night. 11 because of amended rules. carly fiorina, joining 10 men, donald trump is in the middle. why? look at these new poll numbers from cnn. he dominates in the rain. trump at 32%. carson. bush third place. sliding at 9%. fiorina the businessman. chris christie of new jersey out here. on the other side senator ted cruz. he moved up to 7%. senator marco rubio. huckabee and rand paul. these 11 are part of the prime time debate. there will be an earlier debate with five republican candidates, rick perry, bobby jindal and george pataki, lindhy graham, where are they in early debate?
11:23 pm
numbers speak for themselves. barely registering at the polls at the moment. perhaps one will sling shot out of this into a later debate but these five struggling the most at the moment. let's good back to the front-runner and look at this. why is donald trump dominating? he is like a grej stock at the moment. look at these numbers. 32% now, 12% a couple months ago. he is growing at the moment. that's the way you want to be in politics. carson from 8 to 9 to 19%. this is your front runner in the spring jeb bush, 17 percent e down to 9. he is struggling. cruz up a little bit. why is it republicans like trump? 71% of his supporters say it's his positions on the issues. that frustrates opponents because they say he is no republican. that's what his supporters say. 21% say it is his job experience and his support is not only growing it is getting deeper. 31% of republican men. 33% of republican women. 4 in 10 tea party voters and one-third of those who say their's neutral when it comes to the tea party. donald trump's numbers, support
11:24 pm
growing into the 30s for the first time and deeper across the republican party. as we head into the big debate. >> there are the numbers. what are they talking about? in the past tw day two days eight appeared on cnn to jab their rivals. here's a look. >> joining us here to talk -- >> ginning me now is -- >> bobby jindal is with me here. >> presidential candidate rand paul. >> i'm just reading the poll for what it is. look that face. why would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that's the face of our next president? she's a well i'm not supposed to say bad thing, but folks, are you serious? >> talking persona. she is not going to be president. >> do you believe him? what is your view of that comment? >> look. i don't get it. i don't see how over the long haul you can assault your way to the presidency -- certainly not the presidency.
11:25 pm
>> i've known ben carson, of him for a long time. i never heard faith was a big thing until recently. >> he is a seventh day adventist. it is something he talks about a lot. >> all of a sudden he becomes this great religious figure. >> i enjoy the trump show as anyone. it is entertaining. go after the d.c. insiders. but he is full of nonsense. >> since she took her oath to uphold the constitution, the law changed and that happens. from time to time. the law is -- >> where in the constitution did it change? when people say the -- >> the supreme court decided -- >> what statute can you quote for me? >> when the supreme court decided that gay marriage could be the law of the land and that it was discriminatory not to allow it, that's what changed. >> well, but the supreme court can't make law. they interpreted law. >> do you agree with huckabee
11:26 pm
that telling her to do this, is judicial tyranny? >> listen, i don't use the same words that mike huckabee does. we have it stand up for people's constitutional rights. free exercise of religion is a right. >> but the act says an elected official doesn't have to do something that is contrary to their religious beliefs if there can be found an accommodation around that. >> we have a message that i believe, i believe from day one, was gooding it resonate with the american people. >> how do you get the momentum that they have? how do you get the voters to say, all right, i will stop looking at them. i will look at you, governor. or anybody else. >> chris, i think by offering solutions. i'm an optimist. >> all right. well what will they say next week? because wednesday you can watch the republican presidential candidates face off in back it back debates. that's september 16th starting at 11:00 p.m. in london.
11:27 pm
only here on cnn. today marks the 14th anniversary of one of the most tragic event in u.s. history. it is 9/11. nearly 3,000 innocent people lost their lives in what many consider the most brazen attack on american soil. a series of events are planned to mark september 11th throughout coming hours. first ceremony is at 8:46 east entime when a moment of silence will be held in new york city. that was the time american airlines flight 11 hit the north tower of the world trade center. you're watching "cnn newsroom." ahead here, people in singapore head to the polls and historic elections. the ruling party expected to maintain power but it is facing unprecedented opposition. we will tell you why. plus the father of super stars
11:28 pm
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and welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen, here are our top stories. major victory thursday for u.s. senate democrats. blocking a republican backed measure to derail the iran nuclear deal. opponent fell just two votes shy of the number they needed to advance the resolution to a final vote. that means barring illegal
11:32 pm
challenge congress won't be able to kill it. opposition leader leopoldo lopez has been sentenced to 1 years in prison. lopez is accused of inciting violence during protest that shook the country last year, outraged supporters cried in the country's capital when they heard the news. some hail the 44-year-old lopez as a venezuelan nelson mandela. japanese prosecutors say they charged the head of a collapsed bitcoin exchange with corporate embezzlement. accusations against mark karpeles come over the allegations of a disappearance of a large amount of the virtual currency. he has been in custody in japan for about a month and a half. rescue operations continue in northeastern japan even as the floodwaters start it recede. torrential rains, landslides and flooding killed at least three
11:33 pm
people and forced more than 400,000 people to leave their homes. helicopters plucked some people from rooftops. as can you see there where they have been stranded. holding on, literally, for hours. the record breaking rain fall breached a levy in eastern japan. derek van dam is here with more about it. it is just amazing that this is just mainly due to a lot of rain. >> japan has their fair share of catastrophes and this is quite a doozy and at its worst, the flood water covered 37 square kilometers of area just from that breechached levy. take a look again. under way just about 24 hours ago, there was a breach in the levy. now, originally that breach was 20 meters wide but that kwiblgly
11:34 pm
expanded to roughly 80 meters wide. that led to the large area, 37 square kilometers. they come to my graphics, and you can see what a difference a day makes. tokyo sky cam looking downtown. breaks the cloud and sunshine in there from time to time. this is live downtown tokyo. conditions are improving. at least temporarily. which is good news. and we'll talk about that in just one moment. here's the 37 square kilometers of flood water impacting this area. the river is northeastern japan, there are several different ways that water can breach a levy. remember, a levy is just a barrier of land that separates dry land from water. this particular situation was known as overtopping, where water spilled over the top of that barrier or that levy,
11:35 pm
inundating the homes and rushing away some of the water. can you see that levy breach right there. expanding from 20 meters to 80 meters, resulting in that have scary situation. by wait, we also broke several records in fact the rainiest wednesday of all time and in niko, japan, and several 48 will hour and 72-hour rain fall records broken as well. showers returning late sunday night and into monday once again. tropical storm kilo just to the northeast near hakaido. you can see the progression of the sandstorm, natalie. this is amazing. north from turkey, sir why and northern iraq, a very thick layer of dust. bringing down visibility to roughly about zero in jerusalem
11:36 pm
and other parts of israel. unbelievable stuff. good news is that it is starting to dissipate. something you don't want to be stuck in, for sure. >> i wouldn't want to be. >> i have no interest. >> derek, thank you. another news we're following here. court in seoul, south korea sentenced kim ki jung to 12 years of jail for attacking the ambassador to south korea last march. kim was convicted of attempted murder. he said he was mad about drills between the u.s. and korea. this is the ambassador. he needed 80 stitches to close the jab wound on his lower jaw. polls are open and the most competitive election if singapore's victory. for the first time since independence in 1965, contesting all 89 seats.
11:37 pm
loon has been in power since 2004 and incumbent people's action party is expected to win but there has been growing discontent over a weakening economy. high cost of living and immigration levels. cnn correspondent david moco has more on today's hotly contested elections. >> sing more is set to vote in its first election since 2011. but you can't mention election since yu. largely credited with transforming this tiny island into one of the wealthiest places on the planet. a pragmatic leader, pro business and anti-corruption. but he also didn't tolerate descent. lee kwan yu held the top job for about 30 years. the party he founded, pap, or people's action party, was for decades really the only game in town. lee was succeeded by tong in
11:38 pm
1990 and lee's son, lee look became prime minister in 2004. in 2011 the earth shook. the pap only received about 60% of the vote. the smallest percentage to date. look said it was time to do some soul searching. fast forward to the current election and a similar story with slightly different issues. slowing economic growth, gap between rich and poor concerns over immigration. the government says it's been working to address these while keeping civil rights critics, say, strictly in check. singapore's leaders though have always been unapologetic, saying these limits are necessary to maintain stability and harmony. meanwhile, the typically fragmented opposition is back with the workers party dominating and some half a dozen
11:39 pm
others leveraging social networks to build support. 2015 has already been a year of transition for singapore. with the death of founding father lee kwan yu in march and recent feel-good celebrations of the golden jubilee. raising the question of whether the ruling party is perhaps banking on the emotion of the people to vote in their favor. all of this making it hard to say if the opposition can repeat 2011's fans. but at the very least, that uncertainty some singaporeans say will keep the pap accountable and on its toes. >> david covering the story from singapore. coming up, the father of champions. find out how richard williams' daughters, venus and serena, rough and tough, his world there, in the world of tennis.
11:40 pm
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11:43 pm
welcome back. new york's police chief said he apologized to former tennis star james blake over an parent case of mistaken identity. blake was tackled by plain-clothed officers outside his manhattan hotel wednesday. he was released after about 10 minutes when police say they realized they had the wrong guy. blake who's bi-racial told the daily news it was possible that race was a factor. the chief denies that but said the incident should not have happened. >> was the force appropriate yit and the initial review we believe that it may not have been and that secondly that what transpired after the release of mr. blake relative to reporting of the incident which was not done.
11:44 pm
>> police say they went to the hotel to arrest people who were buying high-end shoes with fraudulent credit cards. the father of tennis stars venus and veserena williams sai he wasn't surprised by what happened to blake. richard williams sat down for rare interview and spoke with our don ridel. he talked about his daughters growing up no are a future in such a competitive sport. >> people might be surprised that you were quite successful. you didn't have to train the girls and raise them in compton, so why did you? >> it makes you rough and tough and strong. >> there is at least one point where you bus in a load of kids and have them stand around the court and hurl insults and abuse of the girls. why did you did that?
11:45 pm
>> because in order to be successful, you must prepare for the unexpected. serena williams played at indian wells and good i did the things i did. because the whole crowd turned against her. all she today do was remember the training she had against her. >> a little bit of our interview there with richard williams. serena williams is having it wait a little longer for the clans to win the grand slam she hopes for. women's semifinals were postponed until later today due it rain. a lot of folks will be watching that one. a battle is brewing over one of the most mysterious military sites in the u.s. a family in nevada lived near the testing grounds known as area 51 for decades. now the government wants them to move. but as dan simon reports, the family wants it stay.
11:46 pm
>> area 51 along with its alleged aliens and ufos may be finksal in hollywood but the top secret u.s. military site in las vegas is now part after real life drama. >> this place means everything for us. >> joe shihan and his family owned land nearby for 130 years. before it was a testing spot for nuclear weapons and training area for fighter pilots that surround the property. the shihans and their family is not allowed to their property without a military escort. now they want the family gone saying they can't guarantee safety. they are ready no seize the property with imminent domain if they don't accept a very generous buyout in their word, $5.2 million. >> why not accept the $5.2 million? >> we believe it is worth more
11:47 pm
and worth fighting for. >> no part of me says not to settle. i won't. >> the family wants people to know they aren't wealthy nor crazy says the government owe he them far more for decades of allege had atrocities and abuse. this is home video of the property where they say they he have come dangerously close to military exercises. the family collected numerous bullet casing is over the years. the fight dates back to the 1950s when the family allege a military jet destroyed an ore processing mining mill, the remnants of which can still be seen. >> missile or bomb or something of that nature. >> nuclear weapons exposing their property to dangerous radiation. >> i would describe as what they've done to us as nothing short of criminal. >> the family says you guys are a bunch of bullies. >> our intense was never to be the bully. >> colonel dempsey oversees the acres around the family's property.
11:48 pm
he said none of the allegations could be substantiated and the air force is negotiated in good faith. but it has become untenable. >> we have done everything including canceling training when they come out on the base. that has cost us. >> do you interfere with their operations? >> no. no. i didn't create this mess. they did. they surrounded us. they built the facility there. we were there. >> dan simon, cnn, rachel, nevada. >> we'll continue to physical that one. the man once known for singing about shiny happy people is blazingman mad over the music paid at a republican rally. ahead, r.e.m.'s front man calls donald trump's speech a moronic charade and that's not all he had to say. the new consultants are here.
11:49 pm
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didby aggravated nerves?sed new aspercreme® with lidocaine desensitizes aggravated nerves with no odor. new aspercreme® with lidocaine. relieve the nerves. stop the pain. we all know donald trump jabbed his opponents, jabs anyone who takes him on or speaks up to him but republican presidential candidate jeb bush got a few laughs poking fun at donald trump during campaign event thursday.
11:53 pm
>> the loud voices that don't have a plan, let's talk about donald trump as stephen colbert said, let's talk about the big orange elephant in the room. that's a joke. that's humor, donald, don't tweet. please, go to sleep. take some rest. he sits up at night to do this stuff. so i'm sure i'll get one in the back of -- i'll get hit in my little buzzer will good off on my iphone. >> probably will. it seems no campaign is complete without a song. and r.e.m.'s song "the end of the world as we know it", here
11:54 pm
is jeanne moos with that. >>. >> reporter: it ain't the end of the world but would you think it was after donald trump helped resurrect a 28-year-old song. >> it's the end of the world ♪ good morning everybody. >> reporter: this is what the band r.e.m. is losing sleep over. >> this is donald trump. ♪ the enof the world as we know it ♪ ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ . >> reporter: played for 10 seconds. oh no, they don't. r.e.m. basis mike called trump the orange clown and michael stiep went nuclear. go bleep yourselves, the lot of you. you sad attention-grabbing power hungry little men. do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign. the group's official statement
11:55 pm
on facebook was less apo aapocalyptic, asking their music not be used. memo to all republicans, wrote one commenter, unless you are using a song by keith urban, kidd rock -- >> first amendment freedom of speech rights. a lot depends on whether organizers paid licensing fees, which we couldn't find out. it may be r.e.m.'s song but it's not music to their ears when they hear it over the donald's face.
11:56 pm
jeanne moos, cnn. ♪ the end of the world as we know it ♪ >> reporter: new york. >> not the end of the world but the end of this hour. i'll be back with more in just a moment. please stay with us. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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rescue effort and clean-up continues after flooding forced thousands out of their homes. a live report from scene minutes from now. >> facing life and death situations are turning to today's technology to keep them safe. our ivan watson talks about the use of social media. >> and presidential candidate donald trump is taking shots at media and now some of them are starting it take shot the them. hello an welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. you're watching "cnn newsroom." >> good day to you. our top story this hour. gentleman opinion's nhk news
12:01 am
agency reports that rescue teams are struggling to meet some people stranded by floodwaters. the area affected is along a river in osaki city in northeastern japan. nhk reports 20 meters section of levy, that's about 65 feet, collapsed on friday. >> a tropical storm spawned the fast-rising waters. people had little warning that this was about to happen. right there. houses just swept away so far thatity powerful system has caused three deaths, 22 people are missing but hundreds of thousands of apparently got out in time. powerful seen from mother nature there. let's go north of joes of city. will ripley joins us this hour. will, some people are trying to reach the city after the levy collapse. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: what i can tell you
12:02 am
is that the situation here, since the sun has been out, and it hasn't been raining, it is improving. we have been talking since yesterday about the fear that as of the rain system moves up to places like osaki, we with see more repeats of what we saw here, which is these tremendously powerful floods that lifted up cars, tossed them here and caused a whole lot of damage. we know that houses of buildings have been flooded. hundreds of them destroyed. others with very serious damage and people with a lot of cleaning up. infrastructure damage. damage to so many different cars. and yes, still people who are missing and unaccounted for. at least 22 people still missing in the floodwaters p. very troubling because you would hope that by now, now that a full 24 hours passed that they would have had some way it call and contact authorities to either let them know they're okay or let them know that they need help.
12:03 am
death toll up to three right now and there is still a door it door search happening. still helicopters in in the air which you can hear. at one point i counted 11 helicopters in the air. dent see that many flying at least in this particular area. they are also out on boats. now as can you see, able to walk on the streets as well. checking homes it make sure that people are okay. >> will seeing you there in the water and knowing thousands of people have been forced out of theirs homes. how are officials there helping people who will have to wait until their homes can be restored, cleaned up? >> and you know from covering plenty of disasters yourself, george, water damage is one of the hardest and most destructive forces. can you see how high the water was. it is well over the fence here. it is covered with dry grass. so anybody who lived for example in the first four units of this apartment building, their entire homes were flooded. and even damage done on the
12:04 am
second floor. you saw people standing up on balconies like this, waving for helicopters to rescue them yesterday. they have to deal with flooding damage as well. 100 emergency centers are open and they are dealing with thousands of people flown in by helicopter in many cases. those who needed medical attention taken to the hospital everybody else was brought it these centers where they were given food and clothing. food and medical supplies. anything they need in the immediate days take yn care of. in the weeks ahead, they will try it find out why they live as damage is repaired. it is a reality this people are having it face, even with the sun shining here. >> a long clean-up as we see, street by street flooded there. cnn's will ripley reporting live in joso city. will, thank you for your
12:05 am
reporting there. >> derek is here to tell us that sunshine won't last. the question is, will there be more rain they have to deal with or a chance of more flooding? >> fortunately a break in precipitation. as you saw in will's live shot, going back to how he mentioned, the water to the second floor. that's 10 feet. 3 meters. that's unbelievable stuff. you have to be close to that breach in the levy in order to have water height as disasterous as that. here is a look at some aerial photos and visuals out of that region. once again, water covering about 37 square kilometers and sweeping away anything in its path. this is equivalent to about 20 meters wider, roughly 65 feet. but the amazing thing is that that quadrupled in size in a matter of mere minutes and that sudden rush of water led to
12:06 am
water levels rising to the second story of buildings. what a difference a day can make. this is tokyo's live sky cam. and this is when floodwaters were at its worse. 37 square kilometers inundated by the breach. there are several ways water can breach a levy. sometimes seeps through the middle of this ground barrier or land barrier that separates dry ground from a river or lake. but in this particular instance it was a river that overtopped this particular levy and in fact i have an image to show you. there's the broken levy. there's the berm or the particular levy breach that was breached and you can see what led to that. there are many scenes like this. this is in niko, japan. we let 24-hour, 36-hour and
12:07 am
48-hour rain fall totals. wednesday was a record. thursday was the fourth wettest day on record. and records two back several years, over 13,000 days of record keeping until this point. a brief break, brief lull at the moment. but showers are going to return once again as a weak cold front settled in across the region late on sunday night and into monday. you can see rain fall totals just north of tokyo there. i will quickly switch gears and quickly talk about images in the middle east. do you see the sandstorm that swept across the region? yeah. unbelievable stuff. you guys, nasa sent out satellite images of that sandstorm just settling in to israel and syria and inundating cities.
12:08 am
really making the air quality quite hazardous for places like jerusalem and gaza strip. >> hopefully it helps fighting in syria. >> exactly. >> u.s. president barack obama is ordering his administration to step up its response to the syrian refugee crisis. the white house now says it will take in at left 10,000 refugees over the next year. >> there was an ugly scene thursday, riot police in macedonia seen here. beating migrants with batons as they tried to enter the country from greece. and romania now says it opposes a u.n. quota plan for relocating migrant throughout the continent. some refugees are making the long journey across europe by foot. others taking to the sea for a better chance to find a better life. >> any way they can find it they are doing it. in the era of facebook some are turning to social media for help.
12:09 am
ivan watson talked with people who used their smart phones to help save their lives. >> setting out to sea, motoring out to the turkish coast on what could be a relaxing cruise and we are following the trail of tens of thousands of migrants and refugees trying to reach europe. here's what's crazy about the economics of this wave of human migration. it cost us 600 euros to charter this private sailboat to carry our entire cnn team from turkey to gross. smugglers are charging syrian refugees exactly double that per person. 1200 euros to board overcrowded ruby dingies to take them to that greek island. this is what the migrant voyage it greece looks like. it isn't just more expensive, it is also dangerous. we find floating in the sea aa
12:10 am
lone life jacket. below crumbling fortifications that once guarded the greek island of lesbos, migrants wash clothes on the beach and pitch tents in the park. the greek authority are processiprocess my grants migrants as fast as they can. we find seven syrians who just arrived on a raft from turkey. when their boat ran into trouble. 19-year-old kanan said they were ready with their cell phones. >> we just call the police in the sea so they come -- >> greek police? >> yes, greek police. >> how do you call them? >> we have all their numbers. we have gps on our cell phones. we send them and they come to save us. >> the police came to save you? >> yes. >> reporter: kanan shows me a
12:11 am
facebook page with advice for syrians on the trail to europe. >> what is this? >> thing to bring. go to another country. >> so all the instructions -- >> yes. everything. everything you need. >> some of the refugees are so organized they have taken to putting out distress calls at sea on facebook with gps coordinates to help guide the coast guard. >> facebook is playing an incredible role. >> reporter: an aide worker said she has never seen such tech savvy coordinations between refugees he before. >> when they arrive they know where to go, who to talk to, what to buy. >> reporter: there are about 50 boats a day landing on lesbos. 1,000 to 3,000 migrants daily using this place as an unieshl gateway it europe. an island which beaches now
12:12 am
littered with life jackets. those life jackets hopefully symbols that many people made p alive. ivan is on the island of lesbos, he joins me by phone. and ivan your report we saw about the use of social media that goes to show how connected many of these people are and how they are helping each other out and that just keeps them coming, i guess. >>. >> reporter: absolutely. and the refugees are arriving with a certain amount of confidence many have said that relatives have made the journey in previous days. it is incredible it see how prepared they are. i watched the fourth of four rafts land over the stretch after half-hour period on one stretch of beach here on the island of lesbos.
12:13 am
dump willing scores of refugees and migrants on to the beach. and what was striking is that many of them had waterproof pouchs that they were carrying smart phones in. carrying their passports in. and as soon as they got on board, stripped off and left their life jackets on beach, quickly picked up by greek municipal workers and dumped into garbage trucks, the refugees knew which direction to trudge towards town to start the processing with greek authorities and then to get into the line for a greek ferry to the greek capital, athens. >> triumphant victory crossing the water p. they have a long road, uncertain to go as well. but it is a very interesting report and we've seen that man right there who's very overwhelmed that he made it.
12:14 am
thank you, ivan watson for us there in lesbos. >> just stunned a not shocked by his report showing the life vests. >> the orange uniform, as they put it. >> the senators took up a procedural vote on thursday and the vote means as far as the u.s. senate is concerned that deal can not be blocked. even so, republican-led house of representatives just passed a resolution accusing barack obama of breaking the law with the deal. >> it says he did not provide congress with information about side deals involving iranian nuclear site inspections. that does not prevent the agreement from going through. but could set up future legal challenges against it.
12:15 am
both votes came after israel's leader, flatly predicted that israel won't be around 25 years from now and warned between now and then israel would have to worry about what he called the spirit of fighting heroism and jihad. israeli prime minister netanyahu quickly responded to the post saying, quote, he doesn't leave any room for supporters of the nuclear group to fantasize in. >> m london where he met with david cameron at number 10 downing street, asserting that middle east is dissent grating but there isn't much israel can do to stop it. >> middle east, under the twin forces of islam militant,
12:16 am
sunnis, isis, militant, shiites, i believe we can cooperate in practical ways. to roll backof -- both in africa all together. >> but the two prime ministers remain very far apart on iran nuclear deal. netanyahu lobbied hard it appeal it. >> this thursday's washington post, mr. cam rn along with french president hollande and angela merkel vigorously backed the deal. saying they have no expectation that iran will change its behavior on the international stage but the deal does not depend on trusting iran. rather that wrote, it's based on detailed tightly-written controls that are verifiable and long-lasting. a court in seoul, south
12:17 am
korea sentenced kim to jail for attempted murder and assault an envoy. he was angry about military drills between the u.s. and south korea. lip ert needed 80 stitches to his jaw. he was about to deliver a speech when kim attacked him. the singapore voters are headed to the polls in the most competitive election in the city state's history. for the first time since independent in 1965, they are contesting all 89 seats. >> current prime minister loong has been in charge since 1994. but there is growing discontent, over waeeakening economy, and immigration levels. this time taking a jab at
12:18 am
carly fiorina forow candidates holding back. one candidate calling trump shallow even ego maniac. more on the comments coming up. >> plus, two outsiders on opposite sides of the pond surging ahead in their political races p. that's not all donald trump and jeremy corbin have in common. need to hire fast?
12:19 am
12:20 am
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12:22 am
go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to reviewers around the world, we are showing you video, from austria, you are looking at hundreds of people, if not thousands, back down that road. walking across the border. we've seen this scene play out over the past several days. but what you see here are families who have gone through some treacherous territories, unwelcoming areas, making their way into austria. >> yeah. austria and they hope to get to germany. some want it good on to sweden. where government policies are much more welcoming. but what they've been through as they come to this spot, this is
12:23 am
the very spot last week when all those migrants who had had it with hungary, hadn't been stuck in that train, got off and started walking, picked up by buses and this is the spot where they knew they had finally cleared into austria and look at this. they just keep coming. >> and this here, taped -- the tape we just turned, but it shows you just how many people are coming and this is just a daily occurrence again as this situation continues. people leaving syria and other war-torn areas, looking it find a better life for themselves. >> just bags in their hands. clothes on their back. my goodness. >> we turn now to the latest in the u.s. presidential race. the line-up has been announced for next week's cnn republican debate. >> so out of 17 candidates, 11 will participate in this prime time event. that includes donald trump, carly fiorina and senators marco
12:24 am
rubio and ted cruz and wisconsin governor scott walker. steven kol inson weighed in on this debate. >> reporter: jeb bush, the person who was expected to be the front-runner under this race. establishment candidate. he's got all the money. but what we've seen in this interesting political season is this two outsider candidates, donald trump, billion air real estate mogul, and ben carson, noted neuro surgeon. neither are profession yl pl tigss. but turned everything on its head and are leading the polls. donald trump is leading in the latest cnn poll. ben carson is second plis place in national polls p. if you add ben carson and donald trump together, you get over a% of outsider nonprofessional candidates leading this race. jeb bush who was, as i said, supposed to be the front runner is really going to have to try it make some noise at this debate. try to get in the middle of
12:25 am
donald trump and ben carson and really try and revive his campaign at this point. >> watch the republican candidates face off in back to back debates. 7:00 a.m. in tokyo. only here on cnn. ? some candidates are blasting donald trump p. the front-runner is taking heat for comments he made about fiorina. >> trump is quoted as insoughting fiorina's appearance. he he told cnn earlier he want talking about her face. along with fiorina, jeb bush and bobby jindal have words for trump. >> maybe just maybe i'm getting under his stkin a little bit. >> i don't see how you can insult your way through the
12:26 am
nomination and presidency. >> he is a carnival act. donald trump sp shallow. he has no substance. it is time to tell him we won't put an ego maniacal unserious person in the white house. it is time for donald trump it take the ride down the elevator. time for us to tell him, donald, you are fired. >> very scripted there. we will see he if donald trump listens. i doubt it. in the uk, another political outsider is stealing the show. britain's labor party will announce its new laideader. >> two countries, two couldn't tests, two very different candidates. the lman on the left, jeremy corbyn, is an idealist, socialist, strict vegetarian. he wants it lead the labor party. the man on the right, donald
12:27 am
trump, pragmatist, billion air, tv personality. he wants it win the republican party candidate for president. they are both maverick and establishment figure possess. if you believe the polls, they are both in the lead. >> apologies that not everybody can get into town haul tonight. >> if you haven't heard of jeremy corbyn tonight, either had many before this summer. now this bid at 66-year-old packs at every venue he speaks at. >> people have enough of politics of abuse and politics of control. this is about the politics of democracy. >>. >> reporter: he seems to have a big following amongstly lineals. >> there are young people that have become disengaged with politics and he is someone they can relate to.
12:28 am
>> it is not the politics of fear. it is politics of hope. >> donald trump also has popular appeal. >> the main reason i support trump is because he is not politically correct, i'd say. >> loud, boisterous and i want it hear someone with a little guts say yes. >> observers say both trump and corbin are tapping into the same emotions. >> i this what i is given the parties and individual momentum is the austerity that followed the 2007, 2008 financial crash. and the belief that's flowed from that. globalization, international capitalism is basically there for the rich, the 1%. >> the gov yearning class has become a professional club. and there a tendency to think, maybe this is some sort of conspiracy against the people. >> so two these two outsiders
12:29 am
good all the way? will we ever see president trump welcoming prime minister corbyn to the white house? >> i think the idea of jeremy corbyn of prime minister of britain is preposterous. the idea of donald trump as president of the united states is preposterous. but they can deeply damage the establishment parties. >> however far they get in their campaigns, donald trump, jeremy corbyn, and others like them were are putting a passion and polarization back into politics. max foster, cnn, london. >> yes, that they are certainly doing. certainly rattling nerves of the traditional candidates as well, aren't they? as we've been telling you, thousands of syrian refugees continue on the move. some now arriving in germany. after an exhausting trek through
12:30 am
europe. we just showed you people arriving in austria. we will go live to berlin to see the welcome they're getting and why so many of them want to get to germany. >> plus we look into a rash of shootings along a busy stretch of highway in the u.s. this has people on edge. that and more as we continue on cnn international and cnn u.s.
12:31 am
12:32 am
12:33 am
and welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. japan's nhk news agency
12:34 am
reports that emergency rescue teams are struggling to reach some people who have been stranded by floodwaters. the area affected is along a river in osaki city where a levy has broken. tropical storm spawn the fast-rising waters which caused three deaths so far. in this region. north of tokyo of the past day. u.s. senate democrats block a republican-backed measure to derail the iran nuclear deal. they were two votes shy of the number they needed to send the resolution it a final vote. that means barring a legal challenge congress won't be able to kill this controversial agreement. >> today marks the 14th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in u.s. history. nearly 3,000 innocent people they lost their lives in what many consider to be the most brazen attack on american soil.
12:35 am
series of event are are set september 11th in coming hours. >> 8: 46 eastern time a moment of silence will be held in new york city. that was the time american airlines flight 11 hit the north tower. of the world trade center. >> refugees from syria are braving the rain, mud and cold weather it try it make their way through europe. we have new video to show you from a camp along the border between sir why and hungary. aide workers are handing out blankets and coats to help protect people from the elements. hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have been pouring into europe as you know, fleeing from the war in sir why and poverty and persecution in africa. many hope it make it to germany.
12:36 am
senior international correspondent is in berlin and joins us with why germany is their ultimate destination tika, hello. >> reporter: hello. germany said it would take a hundred thousand applicants for refugees here. that's about 1% of the population. that really sort of opened he the doors to europe and so what we are now seeing with those pictures on the serbian/hungarian border, is that surge of people who are desperate to try and get here before that win deof opportunity closes. the problem of course is that even though germany has said it'll take that many refugees, there is no way for the legal refugees to get here. that's why they cross illegally through the mud on foot, by
12:37 am
train, by bus, whatever way they can, from turkey through greece, through macedonia, serbia, hungary. austria is usually the final point before germany. even so bb what we're finding is that many refugees here now say they don't want it stay in germany because they fear it'll be difficult for them it apply as refugees he. so they are moving to sweden, finland, are in way. any corner of europe where they feel they might have a better at starting a new life. >> as they continue the trek, it is hard it fathom just how far they are on foot walking. are they getting help from when they arrive at germany as they set out for somewhere else? >> by the time they get to germany they getting a lot more pep along the way. here, as soon as they arrive in germany for example when we were in munich station, what we see
12:38 am
is that every refugee that disem parked from a train, went through registration process. showed id, got fingerprinted, medical screening if they needed medical help and were immediately taken to temporary shelter where there was a clean safe and warm place to be with food. so germany put out extra money. the chancellor set aside $6 billion to welcome refugees. the problem is, how do they get here. >> absolutely. they just keep coming as well. this is a story that europe must still grapple with. italy is another country getting its share of himigrants. most coming from war or fleeing impoverished nations. >> as you know, not everyone welcomed the migrants. some people are devoting time to
12:39 am
make the transition easier. ben wedeman has this story. >> reporter: the jokes come easy when father luca is around. humor, perhaps, the best medicine for the uncertainty gripping those who have washed up on italy's shores. father luca helped run thisville why in northeastern italy. temporary home fnigerians and others after applying for asy m asylum. >> you come back and you are killed or your parents are a killed and so on. >> being taught how to navigate the bureaucracy. others like italy are starting to close the doors. recently more than 30 mayors
12:40 am
from towns and cities in this province went to rome to demand that the number of refugees sent here be reduced. >> so far this year, more than 120,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in italy. sparking demands from some, more in the wealthy north than the poorer south for a crack down. welcome, says 22-year-old victor from nigeria, is wearing thin. >> maybe you like it play football with them. no, no, no. we dent want black here. we don't. >> he fled after boko haram killed his mother. this woman said she fled after
12:41 am
boko haram came. they hope for a better life here but sometimes feel strangers in a very strange land. also, another woman requested we not show her face. >> they don't ask me. >> father luca says there is a rising tide of intolerance toward new comers in this prosperous town. we have people who pray it jesus in church. they play to god the father of us all, he said, then outside church, they say let's kill them. send them home. sink their boats. hardly a welcoming attitude for those desperately in need of the kindness of strangers. went wedeman, cnn, northern italy. >> at least when we hear about negativity that these people are met with and unwelcome, then you
12:42 am
hear another story extending kindness to these people who have such an uncertain future. they are fleeing, goodness. joe biden, vice president, gets frank on the new show. >> plus, hillary clinton is losing steam with a senator on her meels. and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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welcome back. the u.s. vice president joe biden appeared thursday on the cbs network's late show here in the u.s. which is now hosted by steven colbert. >> which has been a big premier deal for us here the united states. biden became emotional and spoke candidly when colbert asked about his son, bo, who died a few months ago.
12:46 am
>> the president in his eulogy called your son joe 2.0. in what way is that a compliment to you? >> my dad had an expression. he used to say, you know your success is apparent when you turn and look at your child and they turned out better than you. i was a hell of a success and my son was better than me. and he was better than me in almost every way. >> biden touched on whether he plans to run for president and who he thinks should. >> i want it talk about the elephant if the room, which in this case is a donkey. do you have anything you with like to tell us right now about your plans? >> yes. >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think you should run for president again and i'll be your vice president. >> i sir, you said recently, you
12:47 am
said you don't know if you are emotionally prepared to run for president. >> look, i don't think any man or woman should run for president, unless number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president. and two, they can look at folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. and i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> vice president taking time to decide and a lot of people are curious to know what his decision -- >> he's been real honest about his pain. >> he has. >> m in the meantime polls show hillary clinton's lead over her
12:48 am
competitors is shrinking. shown with 37% support, down 10 point since august. bernie sanders now followed with 27% and joe biden sits at 20%. now to a nightmare playing out along a busy highway in phoenix, arizona. police are desperately searching for the suspect or suspects shooting along interstate 10. >>. >> reporter: terror in phoenix. police investigating 11 shootings in 12 days along interstate 10. the latest target, a big rig. thursday morning two more shootings reported. but those ib dents may be the work after copy cap. this after mounting evidence someone is targeting drivers on i-10. a bullet hole in a truck window. another piercing a car door. yet another shattering a head light. police say at least 8 vehicles
12:49 am
had been hit by bullets. three by projectiles of some kind pf. >> when you say projectile, are we talking bullets or rocks? >> i don't know if it a pellet or bb. we don't find the item so i don't ne what it is. >> so far one person is hurting with a 13-year-old girl caught when glass flew at her face after a bullet hit a winter shield. it is happening at random times and random targets. making some residents think twice about taking i-10. >> what i've heard and seen is that people are taking different routes. >> they are going a different way? >> they are staying to the surface streets. >> calling these act of domestic terrorism. >> there are residents who are scared and concerned about their safety. and that's their loved ones. that's terrible.
12:50 am
along interstate 10 and back alley, not just police looking for the shooter but a whole group of citizens are as well. they call themselves vote force. >> we are an armed volunteer force. >> some are bounty hunters, most are former law enforcement or military vel rans. they are all armed to the ts. >> are you a vigilante force? >> people have used that term in the past. i don't like that term. we aren't going out here, slamming people to the ground. now shifting their focus to i-10, looking for possible places the shooter might hide and take aim. >> what happens if you find the shooter? what do you do? >> first thing is call our dps contact immediately. i guarantee you, there's going
12:51 am
to be people around here so fast that you couldn't even blink. >> like an army of people? >> oh, yeah. >> still ahead, an apology from new york's police commissioner over a case of miss tataken idey involving tennis star james blake. >> blake talks about what happened that pushed him to the floor by the officers. >>
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
. new york's police chief said he apologized to tennis scar james blake over a case of mistaken identity. james was tackled by plain-clothed police officers outside his hotel wednesday. blake says no one should be treated the way he was. >> they picked me up and body slammed me and put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. and i told them the first words out of my mouth were i'm going to 100% cooperate.
12:56 am
i don't want any incident. i had my credential for the u.s. open in my back pocket. i said, please, check that. i'm a foreign player. final 8 badge. i did pretty well at the u.s. open. i would like to clear my name and just -- and i told him that and he wasn't happy and he said, we will see. i said you're running my license, the worst you're going to find is a speeding ticket. >> unreal. police went to the hotel to arrest people who were buying high-end shoes with fake credit cards. >> some have argued because it is blake we're hearing about it. had it been someone else -- >> oh, right, yeah. they happened it take done a guy on his way to the u.s. open. my goodness. >> thank you for watching. >> yes. thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen. >> stay tuned, tenness"cnn news continues.
12:57 am
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the cnn republican presidential candidate debate stage has been set. we now know which candidates will be in the primetime faceoff. the lineup ahead. while were you sleeping, joe biden in a late night interview with stephen colbert. this was candid and this made late night news. doubt expressed. a new cnn poll showing hillary clinton's support plummeting. can a shift in strategy help her gain her momentum?


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